Duravit L-Cube 420 x 294mm 1 door, 1 glass shelf Floor-standing Vanity Unit for ME by Starck Basin

by Duravit
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The timeless series L-Cube convinces with its variety and individual scope for design. The accurate fit of washbasin and vanity appears particularly puristic here in white high gloss lacqeur - an appearance as if from one piece. With 28 different surfaces, the scope for design freedom is practically unlimited.room.

    General Specification

    • Basic material inner body/-front: High-compressed three-ply chipboard, directly coated with melamin resin decor in (57) Black Diamond on both sides.
    • Edge material: ABS-Edge material.

    Specification 1 as per Colour

    • Basic material outer body/-front: High-compressed three-ply chipboard, directly coated with melamin resin decor in (57) Black Diamond on both sides.
      • 07 Concrete Grey Matt
      • 09 Light Blue Matt
      • 18 White Matt
      • 21 Walnut Dark
      • 31 Pine Silver
      • 43 Basalt Matt
      • 49 Graphite Matt
      • 51 Pine Terra
      • 52 European Oak
      • 53 Chestnut Dark
      • 79 Natural Walnut
      • 91 Taupe Matt

    Specification 2 as per Colour

    • Basic material outer body/-front: High-compressed three-ply chipboard, with laminate (HPL) pressed on both sides.
      • 22 White High Gloss
      • 75 Linen

    Specification 3 as per Colour

    • Basic material outer body/-front: High-compressed three-ply chipboard, with real wood veneer pressed on both sides.
      • 80 Graphite Super Matt

    Specification 4 as per Colour

    • Basic material outer body/-front: High-compressed three-ply chipboard, with real wood veneer pressed on both sides.
    • Edge material: ABS-Edge material.
    • Real wood veneer is a natural material, differences in colour and structure may occur.
      • 11 Cashmere Oak
      • 12 Brushed Oak
      • 13 American Walnut
      • 69 Brushed Walnut
      • 71 Mediterranean Oak
      • 72 Brushed Dark Oak

    Specification 5 as per Colour

    • Basic material outer body/-front: High-compressed MDF-board.  Lacquered opaque in several coats.
    • Edge material Inner body/-front: ABS-Edge material.
    • Edge material outer body/-front: ABS-Edge material (lacquered).
      • 38 Dolomiti Grey High Gloss
      • 40 Black High Gloss
      • 47 Stone Blue High Gloss
      • 85 White High Gloss
      • 86 Cappuccino High Gloss
      • 89 Flannel Grey High Gloss
      • 90 Flannel Grey Satin Matt


    Product Information SKU
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M07 Concrete Grey Matt Decor LC6273-M07
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M09 Light Blue Matt Decor LC6273-M09
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M11 Cashmere Oak LC6273-M11
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M12 Brushed Oak LC6273-M12
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M13 American Walnut (Real wood veneer) LC6273-M13
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M18 White Matt LC6273-M18
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M21 Walnut Dark Decor LC6273-M21
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M22 White High Gloss (Decor) LC6273-M22
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M31 Pine Silver LC6273-M31
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M38 Dolomiti Grey High Gloss Lacquer LC6273-M38
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M40 Black high gloss LC6273-M40
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M43 Basalt Matt LC6273-M43
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M47 Stone blue high gloss LC6273-M47
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M49 Graphite Matt LC6273-M49
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M51 Pine Terra LC6273-M51
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M52 European Oak LC6273-M52
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M53 Chestnut Dark LC6273-M53
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M69 Brushed Walnut LC6273-M69
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M71 Mediterranean Oak LC6273-M71
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M72 Brushed Dark Oak LC6273-M72
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M75 Linen LC6273-M75
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M79 Natural Walnut LC6273-M79
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M80 Graphit Super Matt LC6273-M80
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M85 White High Gloss(Laquer) LC6273-M85
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M86 Cappuccino LC6273-M86
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M89 Flannel Grey High Gloss Lacquer LC6273-M89
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M90 Flannel Grey Satin Matt Lacquer LC6273-M90
    duravit-l-cube-420-x-294mm-1-door-1-glass-shelf-floor-standing-vanity-unit-for-me-by-starck-basin - M91 Taupe Decor LC6273-M91
    ME by Starck 430 x 300mm 1TH - White 72343
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