Shower Valves

A Shower Mixer Valve maintains a precise water temperature for the term of your shower. It shields you from any unexpected changes in the water supply to the shower, so regardless of whether someon... Read more
Vado Smarttouch Thermostatic 2 Outlet Shower Valve Inc Remote Mp/Hp Save 30%
Britton Hoxton Thermostatic Shower Valve Sale
Niagara Tre Mercati Vertical Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve Save 30%
Niagara Wall Mounted Bath Spout Chrome Save 30%
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Niagara Arlington Pair of Traditional Side Valves Save 30%
Niagara Observa Pair of Square Side Valves Save 30%
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Niagara Equate Pair of Round Side Valves Save 30%
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Hudson Reed Wall Mounted Thermostatic Shower Valve & Kit Save 25%