Bathroom Shower Seat

Utilizing a Bathroom Shower Seat assists with expanding safety by diminishing the chance of slipping or falling by giving a protective region in a slippery place like the shower. Shower Chairs and ... Read more
Sagittarius Wall Mounted Wooden Shower Seat - Chrome Save 30%
Abacus Waterproof Tileable Shower Seat- Standard Back Sale
Lakes Series 300 Shower Seat - 355mm
from £169.00 includes VAT
Essential Wall Mounted Shower Seat Save 40%
£133.32 includes VAT
Armitage Shanks Shower seat back rest - Grey Save 25%
£247.00 includes VAT
Armitage Shanks Folding Shower seat, 65cm projection - Grey Save 25%
Inda Hotellerie 35 x 46h x 33cm Stool
from £383.00 includes VAT
Inda Hotellerie Bath Seat - White
Inda Hotellerie Shower Seat - White
Inda Colorella Stool - Chrome
£136.00 includes VAT
Armitage Shanks Care-Plus folding shower seat - fixed height - blue Save 25%
Armitage Shanks Shower seat with legs - folding Save 25%
Bristan DocM Shower Seat with Legs Save 25%
£444.00 includes VAT
Hudson Reed Shower Seat - Chrome Save 25%
£281.00 includes VAT
Lakes Animo Shower Seat - 320mm x 320mm - White
Coram Boston Folding Shower Seat - Grey Save 22%
£211.00 includes VAT