The macerating system, or macerator, was invented by Saniflo Bathrooms in the UK. When a Saniflo macerator pump is installed, it may be used to pump waste from a toilet, shower or washbasin either ... Read more
Saniflo Sanishower Flat Sink and Shower Tray Macerator Pump
Saniflo Sanivite Household Pump
£715.00 includes VAT
Saniflo Sanitop UP WC and Basin Macerator Pump
Saniflo Sanishower Macerator Pump for Shower and Wash Basin
Saniflo Saniaccess Waste Macerator Pump
Saniflo Sanipro Up Macerator Pump - 2 Inlets
Saniflo Saniplus Small Bore Macerator Pump
Saniflo Sanipack Pro Up Macerator Pump
Saniflo Sanifloor Waste Pump For Tiled Floor
Saniflo Saniflo Up Waste System
£607.00 includes VAT
Saniflo Battery Powered Macerator Sani Alarm
Saniflo Sanicubic 4 Inch Isolating Valve
Saniflo 2 Inch Isolating Valve for use with Sanicubic range
Saniflo Sanicubic 2 XL Heavy Duty Macerator Pump
Saniflo Sanicubic 2 Pro Heavy Duty Macerator Pump