Floor Standing Toilet

A floor standing toilet is introduced with the tank within a divider and simply the bowl distending. It's supported by minimalists and devotees of smoothed out plan because of its smooth appearance... Read more
Duravit DuraStyle Basic Floor Standing  Rimless Toilet
Duravit DuraStyle 370 x 570mm Floor Standing Rimless Toilet
Harrington Bathrooms Omni Close Coupled Toilet with Cister & Seat Sale
Harrington Bathrooms Omni Comfort Height Toilet with cistern & Seat Sale
Duravit ME by Starck 370 x 600mm Floor Standing Toilet - 4,5 litre flush
Harrington Bathrooms Viva Rimless Comfort Height Back To Wall Toilet Sale
Harrington Bathrooms Rimless Open Back Toilet Including Cistern Sale
Harrington Bathrooms Rimless Close Back Toilet Including Cistern Sale