Aqualisa Showers & Shower Products

Aqualisa was founded over 30 years ago and has always pioneered groundbreaking, original bathroom design. In 1977, Aqualisa’s thermostatic technology made headlines by developing showers especially... Read more
Aqualisa Turbostream Concealed Fixed Shower Head Kit Chrome
Aqualisa Quartz Digital Exposed extension shower rail
Aqualisa Soapdish 25mm clear
£15.00 includes VAT
Aqualisa Sliding Shower head holder 25mm - Chrome
Aqualisa Lumi Electric Shower with Adjustable Head and Kit
Aqualisa Turbostream Adjustable Height Shower Head Kit
Aqualisa Varispray Concealed Fixed Shower Head Kit
Aqualisa Midas 110 Thermostatic Bar Valve with Slide Rail Kit
Aqualisa Exposed Pipe Fittings - Pair
Aqualisa Varispray Adjustable Shower Head - Chrome
Aqualisa Bar twin ended shower pump
from £432.00 includes VAT
Aqualisa Dream DCV Concealed Valve with Wall Mounted Fixed Head