What Kinds of Floorings Can You Choose for Your Bathroom?

When choosing a floor for your house, you must consider your bathroom differently. But there are still some common factors like durability, aesthetics, cost, water, etc. So now, what is the best bathroom flooring option when you want the correct wood for your bathroom floor?

Only the bathroom flooring has to tackle the water the most compared to other home flooring. You may consider similar thought processing while choosing the kitchen floors. But still, where you are likely to face the odd spillage in the kitchen, water is a common obstacle in the bathroom.

Whether you prefer a wooden floor or the tiled effects, there are several options in the market to get the desired look while guarding against water. 

Luxury vinyl tiles

This is a must-recommended tile for your bathroom. These are one of the most challenging flooring choices in the market. These are well known for imitating high-end flooring to unsurpassed standards; LVT is very famous among homeowners. One of the best benefits of using vinyl tiles is that they are water resistant.

Because they are water-resistant and durable, they are an excellent choice for bathroom flooring. These are waterproof and feel warmer underfoot than the original porcelain or stone flooring. If you want the style of wood flooring, then this is the perfect replication for you. The luxury vinyl tiles are compatible with the underflooring heating, plus they are easy to fit because of their ingenious click system.


Budget-conscious people still get the best reflection of LVT, and then you must go for the vinyl flooring; this will get you the desired look you want for your bathroom flooring for less. It is essential to a single sheet of flooring; if appropriately sealed around corners, it will be water-resistant. Besides the cost-effectiveness, vinyl appeals to attractive styles, and you can get them from nationwide bathroom online stores. 

As all the designs are printed, the manufacturer can freely make unique designs that make itself stand out from the competition. Bathroom flooring can be customized to your needs; whether you want a traditional wood design or something lavish design that stands out, the search is done for you. Vinyl tiles can get you the look.

Bathroom Flooring

Ceramic or porcelain tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are also the best bathroom flooring options. This flooring is water-resistant, and you can get them in various colors and designs. Also, they are affordable compared to other such floorings. The porcelain tiles absorb much less water compared to other ceramic products. You can also use them in puddles and pools; hence they are excellent choices for shower tiles.

Stained concrete

If your apartment or building has a concrete foundation or subfloor, you can stain them anytime and finish the concrete floor. But remember that this won’t be waterproof until you have correctly finished and sealed it. It is preferred to go for the professional for this and not do it ourselves.

Natural stone tiles

There are several beautiful natural stone options that you can use in your best bathroom flooring uk, like marble, granite, or limestone. They are resilient to waterproofing, wear, and planks. You can also get mosaics with mesh to hold the smaller-sized tiles together.

The only drawback of getting natural stone tiles is that they are very expensive. Anyway, they give a luxurious finish to Amy's kind of bathroom. You may consider natural stones one of the most expensive choices for flooring. This is natural and hence limited, but still one of the best bathroom flooring uk.

Bathroom flooring styles

Bathroom flooring styles

Whist the flooring options might limit the terms of compatibility with the bathroom, let’s check the types of flooring and check the latest trends in the market related to the best bathroom flooring that is not just stylish but also functional. 


Do you want your bathroom floor to stand out, look fun and, most importantly, be functional? Well then, here is the best flooring for bathrooms, vinyl tiles. You can opt for a wide range of styles; these are known to give a focal point to the bathrooms.

These can be the show-stopping things that could get you a lot of compliments, and you don't even have to pay those higher prices for these. These are available at Nationwide Bathrooms at friendlier prices; you may call them stylish and sensible.

Black and white 

Here’s an all-time famous trend, the black-and-white contrast. You may typically find styles with patterned floors that can be done with vinyl. These won't even get out of trend, and if you buy these in good quality, you will always be stylish.

Bottom line

There are a variety of tiles and floorings to choose from for your bathroom to simultaneously make it look and feel luxurious and purposeful. This article provides information on the best flooring for bathrooms. The bathroom floor is different compared to the rest of the house. The bathroom flooring has to be waterproof and should be durable also. Now that you know all the good options for bathroom flooring, visit the Nationwide Bathrooms online store and choose the best bathroom flooring uk.
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