What Are Bathroom Mixer Taps, and Which Types Can You Purchase?

The mixer taps are handy as you can install them in various parts of your house. They can be bought in different styles, sizes, and finishes according to your choices. If you are renovating your taps, you should consider looking at mixer taps. 

There are so many questions about mixer taps when customers try to buy them, like what they are and what they cost. Such questions will be answered here. This article is shaped so that you understand everything, and you can buy the best-suited mixer tap according to your preferences. 

What is a mixer tap?

To understand the meaning of mixer tap, you must understand the name itself. Mixer taps combine hot and cold water through a single spout. The user can alter the temperature by using both controls. This is comparatively different from other taps, where two separate taps have spouts for cold and hot water.

You can get these mixer taps for several locations in the bathroom, like bathroom mixer taps, bidet mixer taps, and basin mixer taps. There are mixer taps for kitchens also. You can get these from Nationwide Bathrooms in modern and traditional styles with matching handles, be it twist-tap or lever heads. In the Nationwide Bathrooms online store, you can find bathroom mixer taps for sale. So, visit their online store to get the best mixer taps at affordable rates.

How does the mixer tap function?

The inner portion of the mixer taps units contains small holes, which can be called butterflies or valves. When the tap is turned on, these tiny holes move from their closed positions to partially open or open positions, which depends on the flow rate and the temperature the user is trying to get. This makes the mixer taps much more responsive to the temperature you want and is of great use for family households.

When it comes to the bathroom shower mixer tap, it works just like any other standard mixer tap. Still, you can get that standalone bathroom mixer taps similar to the basin and kitchen taps, while the bathroom shower mixer will be connected to a shower handset.

To switch between the tap and the shower, a diverter valve can be used to alter between them. You can mount the shower handset on the deck or the wall, as it will provide easy storage and access. Visit the Nationwide Bathrooms online store, where you can find bathroom mixer taps for sale with plenty of options to choose from.

Various mixer taps that you can get for your house

Now that you know about the bathroom mixer taps uk and how they function, what options do you get while choosing the best mixer tap for you? Foremost, let’s take a look at the various parts of the bathroom and focus on bath and bidet mixers and basins.

1. Mono mixer taps

A mono mixer tap has a single or double control and spouts in a single unit. It just needs a single tap hole. Meanwhile, the bath taps and basin taps can be bought in multiple designs, and the bidet mixer taps are typically always mono tap by design. 

2. The 2 Hole, 3 Hole, 4 Hole, and 5 Hole Mixer Taps

It would help if you understood by the name itself that these taps need multiple holes for function. They usually consist of 2 tap holes and three tap hole mixers. This will include a spout and an on/off temperature control or different on/off controls to get cold and hot water.

For the bathroom taps, the 2-tap hole bath mixer and the 3-hole bathroom mixer taps can also be installed with 4 or 5-tap holes. Usually, these will be the same, including on/off control or different controls, a spout, a divert to change between functions, and a shower handset. But anyway, this design may vary.

3. Waterfall mixer taps

The waterfall mixer taps are related to the water flow from the tap. These have been designed such that they cascade out like a waterfall. You can get these in both closed-spout and open-spout designs, which are available for bath and basin purposes.

4. Deck-mounted mixer taps and bath-mounted mixer taps

Deck-mounted mixer taps are generally fixed on the unit itself or a countertop. This helps to accompany the free-stand basin. When it comes to baths, they can be referred to as either bath-mounted mixer taps or deck-mounted mixer taps.

5. Wall-mounted mixer taps

The wall-mounted mixer taps are similar in functionality to the deck-mounted mixer taps, except the spout, diverts, and controls are all mounted and concealed into the wall. This will be a great option if you want a cleaner appearance and want to free up space.

6. Freestanding and floor-standing bath mixer taps

These taps are mounted and connected to water connections under the floor. These are generally tall as they go hand in hand with freestanding baths. Their units will include controls, two standpipes, and spouts. 

7. Cloakroom and Tall Basin Mixer Taps

Now you will know about the variation in sizes of such mixer taps. The cloakroom mixer taps smaller are suitable to accompany the cloakroom basins or wash stands and are great for more compact spaces. Meanwhile, the tall mixer basin taps are more extended and usually stand alongside a countertop basin.

8. Bridge mixer tap

The bridge mixer is generally mono mixer taps. But here, instead of needing a single tap hole, they need two, as they are separately mounted to hot and cold-water connections. However, their design still connects them as one unit, with the middle spout resembling a bridge instead of standing alone.

How much does a mixer tap cost?

The mixer taps' cost depends on the brands and designs. You can buy a decent mixer tap for a basin mixer tap between £40 and above. You can check out the prices from the Nationwide Bathrooms online store, where you will find fancy and decent bathroom mixer tap uk and other accessories at affordable prices.

Bottom line

The bathroom mixer taps are of great use in controlling the temperature of the water, and they can be used not only in baths but also in kitchens and other places. You can get them in different designs and qualities according to your requirements. If you are searching for great mixer taps, you can visit the Nationwide Bathrooms online store to find numerous options for mixer taps.
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