Top 10 Best Bathroom Brands in Uk According to Trends

If you are on the hunt for some luxurious bathroom fitting brands you have reached the right destination. Bathroom fittings may not be an item of exclusivity for some, but indeed is something that can either make or break the entire outlook of your home. Truth Be Told, no matter how decorative your living room or your bedroom is, if you don’t have a well-equipped, modernly designed, bathroom all of the decoration staying put in your living and your bedroom is wasted. The change of faucets and other utilitarian items can transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one in no time. 


Luxurious Bathrooms UK


Gone are those days when bathroom fittings took days and days to be recovered. With modern equipment, innovation, and high-quality items you can get a newly designed bathroom within a few hours, maybe just one day to the utmost. A high-quality, high-performance bathroom is irresistible, you do not need to purchase high-end products and build a palace. You can have a modernized equipped bathroom with the most minimal yet timeless designs. In this article we detail a few brands whose products create a balance of style and functionality, thereby giving an aesthetic consistency to your bathroom. 

10 Bathroom Brands To Look Out For

Who does not like the perfect harmonization of style and quality with a contemporary touch? Well, imagine if your bathroom could speak a thousand times more than it did now, that too with minimal setup and minimal time?
Check out the 10 brands below to upgrade your bathroom with their products of unmatched quality and exotic beauty. 
  • Aquadart

The Aquadart brand offers a premium range of designs that reflect extreme details of manufacturing, guarantee high-quality products, and most importantly offer great customer service. They have been performing extremely well over the last hundred years in terms of providing superior quality bathroom fittings. Most of the products are designed and manufactured in Britain, they offer the perfect fit for every bathroom requirement. For best results try the aquadart shower screens for your bathroom set up and feel the difference. 

  • Duravit

Well, talking of excellence, the Duravit brand is no less than its name. It performs with the motto of providing sophisticated, elegant, and the most classic designs for all your bathroom requirements. If you believe the change to be ever-present, Duravit is your final destination. The Duravit bathroom furniture is of extreme elegance and guarantees to put forward a new attitude towards life in the bathroom. You can visit their website and check out the impressive range of furniture, suited for your personality to shine through. 

  • Heritage Bathrooms

If you are too picky about your style and crave design inspiration, heritage bathrooms are your spot. They have an exclusive range of products and bathroom planning services that can help you have the most exclusive design not found anywhere else. With their fabulous products, you can finally have your dream bathroom to relax and unwind, wake up, refresh and make the most out of your creativity. The Heritage bathroom accessories not only experiment with your creativity but guarantee a blissful experience. Visit the heritage bathroom website today and have a distinctively created bathroom for yourself. 

  • Jacuzzi Bathrooms

If you are on the hunt for ecstatic designs on hot tubs, rooftop terrace, premium bathroom accessories, the jacuzzi bathrooms is the perfect fit. They have a range of ingenious designs with easy installation perfect for you to have your bathroom upgraded within a short period. Be it the jacuzzi bath UK, or the jacuzzi shower - every product offers harmony in its way. You can also visit the website and check out the bathroom planning section for exclusivity on your preference. 

  • Burlington Bathrooms

Masterpiece, that stands out in its performance of offering a modern traditional bathroom set up, with its exquisite collection of bathroom accessories is Burlington. Discover your dream bathroom at an affordable range here. From having a Chrome bathroom set up with modern equipment to designing your existing place with high-end spare parts, bathroom furniture that includes brassware, Burlington is your answer. Burlington bathroom accessories offer the best when it comes to a modern yet traditional outlook. You can easily find a retailer by visiting the website and getting your hands on the most amazing range of bathroom accessories today. 


  • Kudos Showers

With bathroom accessories, the preliminary mindset is to have the set up for a long tenure, without letting the environment impact the quality of your bathroom fittings and Kudos showers can design in harmony with an amazing range of high-quality versatile, and trustworthy products. The Kudo’s shower enclosures are designed to remain versatile and suit different perspectives. It’s time to adapt to changes, and one way you can let change sink in is by upgrading your conventional bathroom to the one designed by Kudos Showers.

  • Roca Bathrooms

If you have planned to live your life king-size, give yourself a touch of the Roca bathrooms. Besides having the traditional go-to bathroom accessories, Roca offers touchless zero contact bathroom fittings for maximum hygiene. It is an award-winning company for the ecstatic collection of accessories and bathroom designs it has to offer. Be it a wall-hung toilet, a bath panel, washbasin, shower screens, installation systems, urinals, or even smart toilets - Roca bathroom being a global business of over a hundred years has been attentive to changes in society. 

All of the products offered by Roca bathrooms have been created in collaboration with the most prestigious architects and designers in the industry. The products have been designed keeping in mind the sustainability of the environment and as such eco-friendly technologies have been employed. They are committed to environmental protection, and therefore ensure a sustainable production process. Roca bathroom furniture stands out among the others for designs. Admit to the commitment of Roca bathrooms and design the perfect space for your dream house. 

  • Mira Showers

If there is one brand that celebrates innovation and accepts the societal change to develop for the better, it’s Meera showers. They have been into product designing and bathroom planning for hundred years, be it the thermostat or the digital showering technology - Mira showers in the UK have been in the market with the motive to shape the future and offer the most of today. Simply visit the website to select from inspirational bathroom designs and replace your existing conventional ones. Upgrade your bathroom space to a level unmatched, trust the efficient service and the affordable products offered by the brand, and dive into the exclusive range of shower accessories, and shower enclosures to create an independent living. 

  • Silverdale Bathrooms

If it’s unique it’s Silverdale. You get to pick from a stunning collection of exclusively designed bathroom products to create the perfect bathroom for yourself. The products offered have been designed with a whole range of skills seen within the soberest craftsmanship in today’s world. You can design a bathroom empire, have a Silverdale toilet seat, install brassware, modify the tiles of your bathrooms or have a fresh bath panel set up - Silverdale is one of the most top-performing brands when it comes to sanitary requirements.

Silverdale Toilet Seats
  • Laufen

A brand that has something new to offer is Laufen, it has been performing in the market to revolutionize the existing culture and move towards a sustainable bathroom setup. Starting from the Laufen toilet seat, the washbasins, the bidets, shower trays, accessories, installation systems, and bathtubs - all of it comes with a unique feature and the Laufen touch. They have been transforming bathrooms into a living environment by creating a symbiosis of functionality design and quality. Laufen has become one of the world's leading manufacturers with a global distribution network. The Laufen products indulge in ceramics manufacturing and sophisticated design culture. Each item is manufactured with a high degree of practical benefit to give your bathroom a finished look and retain the aesthetics in the long run. The company has evolved with the motto to reduce water wastage as far as possible, by keeping a commitment to preserving the natural resources and producing environmentally friendly materials. 

Whether you have to fix underlying bathroom issues, upgrade to a classy bathroom design or add functional features to your bathroom fittings, Nationwide bathrooms offer a wide array of products and services to accomplish such objectives. Give yourself the ecstatic living, you deserve.

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