Shower Design Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom

If you own a home and want to renovate your home, you might be considering a renovation in your bathroom also. There are several ways to remodel your bathroom, but one of the best known is changing the showers and taps. With so many bathroom shower designs, you can get the bathroom of your choice within no time. 

In a few ideas, you may require replacing broken or dull fixtures like a knob, handle, exhaust fan, or shower head, which are comparably not much expensive to change. If you consider other ways to renovate the bathroom, it may get a bit pricey, such as floor and wall tiles or shower stalls.

If you install new trending lights or shower doors, this can drastically change your bathroom's look with very few expenses. A shower enclosure will be ideal for you if your bathroom has a bit less space. These use the already existing structure to provide you with choices in bathing.

These are very inexpensive and are quickly and easily installed. After that, you must add roads, curtains, and other little finishing touches to get your perfect bathroom. If you wish to change the faucets or showers and are looking for showers on sale, then you can check out the Nationwide Bathrooms online site.

Think before conforming curtains and rods because they will also significantly impact how your bathroom will look at the end of the day. There may be some renovation that will require repairing things instead of a total makeover like the fans or lights.

Thinking About Shower Designs

When considering bathroom shower design, replacing the shower of a bathtub can also be a part of it. Performing this requires a lot of focus and should be done cautiously. If you are thinking of living in that house for the rest of your life, you must consider replacing the bathtub shower with a hand shower. It would be best if you also tried a stylish electric shower to replace the old one. 

If you don't do so, you may, in the end, lose some money when you would resale the house, as many people expect to get a bathtub in a home they buy. Yes, you can repair any damage to that area anytime by simply removing the shower and then reinstalling a tub when selling the house, but that will take you to double the money. You can visit the Nationwide Bathrooms online site for the power showers sale.

Showers For Sale


To get a bit instrumental in design makeover, you can alter showerheads also. True, we understand that these are not much noticeable and won't affect the look of your bathroom, but these are often havening for bacteria. Bacteria can reside on the knobs, stalls, doors, and handles in the shower, so changing them periodically is necessary. 

Tiles on the wall and floor resist bacterial growth, as do shower heads. If you notice that your shower head is spraying with less pressure, it may require either a repair or build-up inside, so it must be replaced. If you are looking for showers for sale, visit the Nationwide Bathrooms online store to get a wide range of products for your bathroom.

Here are some shower design ideas to get your desired magical bathroom.

1. Double the Shower Heads

Double Shower Heads

Have you ever imagined warm water running simultaneously from the front and back of your body? Then try the dual-facing showerheads. So, no more cold back when showering in winters. 

2. Installing a Rain Shower

Rain Shower

Indeed, you can be basic and go with the old regular shower, but how about the rain showers? This unique rainfall platform will take you on a different experience and make it feel luxurious. 

This will be different from the usual experience, will make your daily morning shower way better, and will ultimately get you in a good mood. 

3. Go for a Classic Black and White Look

Classic Black and White Look Shower Enclosure


Think of having that classic black and white look in your bathroom. With all these color options in the market, go for something different, and rather than choosing the standard silver faucets and shower, choose the black one.

Surely you will stand out from the crowd as the high contrast will always be for a standout design. 

4. Clean and Bright Small Shower 

Small Shower

If you don't want that bombastic color contrast, you can choose simple, clean, and bright colors. These never go out of trend.

This silver shower will shine, make your bathroom look brighter, and add a lavish touch. 

5. Try Out the Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Roman Collage Quadrant Shower Enclosure

These elegant enclosure showers are functional and practical. They sit in the corner of the bathroom very cleanly and provide a much more spacious look to the bathroom. 

You can’t go wrong with these enclosure showers. This will save a lot of your space and will make your bathroom look luxurious at the same time. 

6. Digital Showers Mixer

Digital Showers Mixer

The digital shower mixer draws cold and hot waters and then mixes them in the digital receiver till they reach the required temperature. It is controlled by a thermostat which will ensure that there are no sudden spikes in temperature.

They are also considered way more accurate than the usual mixer showers, so you don't have to do that hard work to get the perfect water temperature whenever you get in the shower. You can also try the digital shower combi boilers from the Nationwide Bathrooms online store.

Bottom Line

Sometimes people want to renovate their homes, and bathroom renovation is a part of it. If you wish to remodel the bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is to change the shower type. In the market, you will get a lot of options to choose from, which might confuse you. So, proper guidance is provided to you in this article. Search for showers for sale online to view the options appropriately.

There are several kinds of showers like digital shower mixers, power showers, rain showers, hand showers, and many more. You can even search for Mira hand showers in UK, and you won’t regret it.
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