Keep the Bathroom Up-To-Date With the Latest Bathroom Furniture Trends

Transforming your bathroom into a beautifully designed, stylish place can make a lot of difference because it's the first and the last place you go to every day. Knowing all the trends in bathroom style can make it easy for you to choose the best one according to your requirements and make your bathroom look elegant and modern. So, here you will get to know about the trending bathroom furniture in UK.

Bathroom ideas like choosing suitable materials, colours, patterns, and finishes are constantly changing, and there is no exception in 2022. 2021 was the year of reflections, a year that told us to understand what means the most to our lives and us, as said by Hege Lundhs. 

Trends in bathroom

After years of uncertainty and no rest, the public has started to understand and gain back positivity and confidence. Unique designs that show bravery are being made, and people are getting more inclined towards warm tones and shapes of comfort.

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To help you choose the best bathroom trends, here is a collection of all the trending design ideas for your bathroom. You can also get your hands on the bathroom furniture sale of Nationwide Bathrooms by getting to their online store. 

  • Circular shapes

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Now the harsh, sharp lines are being replaced by curved and smoother lines and silhouettes as people have started to choose more organic and less stark appearances in the interiors. People have started embracing nature by switching to natural and organic products. Further, this will be demonstrated by using 100% natural materials, like installing natural stone worktop, sustainable cabinets, and flooring look from a good bathroom online store like Nationwide Bathrooms. 

The attention is more focused on nature and the planet, and the public buying choices are getting more eco-friendly with no signs of warning. You can get to the fitted bathroom furniture sale at Nationwide Bathrooms to get trending bathroom accessories and more. 

  • Marble surfaces

Bathroom Marble Surface

Get the subtle statement with the trending marble-designed surfaces in 2022. The beautiful shades of grey and white will look elegant in your bathroom. It will help to make a feeling of luxury and give your bathroom an eco-friendlier look, which is getting more and more chosen in 2022.

  • Natural colours

As mentioned earlier, in 2022, people are going for eco-friendly ways and giving their bathrooms a more natural look, so it is not surprising to mention that natural colours are also in trend. Soft shades of green and brown are used more in the bathroom to give that natural look and evoke a natural sense of peace and harmony. To search for a bathroom renovation bathroom in UK, you must look at the Nationwide Bathrooms online store.

  • Aged brass

The aged brass has become one of the most significant home design material trends in recent years. It adds instant warmth to the bathroom and hence offers the perfect contrast for a tiled bathroom, and well, it works for every kind of bathroom. So, get to the bathroom furniture in the UK at Nationwide Bathrooms now and pick the best bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories in UK according to your aesthetic.

  • Sustainability 

Sustainability has become a new trend in recent years not surprising how. People have started thinking more about how much waste is created and thus bringing the thought of the environment into our minds. So, you can look for a bathroom renovation bathroom in the UK at Nationwide Bathrooms’ site and change your old bathroom to a sustainable one.

  • Industrial element

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Not just natural colours and textures but also industrial elements are a part of the trend in 2022. The most usual ways of showing industrial elements are exposing the pipework and having crystal shower doors. The low threshold trays and the internal glass panels make up a stunning combination. 

Also, you can add some industrial element look by getting an intelligent bi-fold door or a single pivot door. It will give the illusion of space in a small compact bathroom. To get the best fitted bathroom furniture sale, visit the online store of Nationwide Bathrooms now. 

  • Monochrome

The monochromatic colours have never been out of trend. It gives a sleek and sophisticated look to the bathroom. This also does not date fast like the other color trends. While you may think that bathroom trends run out of time, well need not worry about the monochrome bathroom tiles and accessories as these are the trends that are never outdated, and you can find them in bathroom furniture in the UK. 

  • Walk-in shower and Wet rooms

In the past, walk-in showers and wet rooms were only a thing in ultra-modern houses plus hotels, but now their demands have risen as people have become confident about their designer choices. People have, instead of focusing more on the bathroom space, put more effort into the wellness and relaxation part.

  • Stand-alone tub

Stress has been rampant in the last few years, so making a spa-like serenity at home is the best thing to do. The free-standing bathroom creates reminiscent of boutique hotels and makes bathing a luxurious experience. 

  • Low-level lighting 

The dimmer lights are hugely accepted by people and make them one of the top trending bathroom items. These are the low leveled lights that can automatically turn on due to the PIR sensors that detect if you have entered the bathroom. They are suitable for night-time visits as you won’t need to fumble around to find the switches. You can find various choices for lighting bathrooms from different bathroom online store options.

  • Biophilic designs

This notion creates a blend of the natural world and the interior. This has been very popular in 2021 and 2022. It will help you to use natural light in your bathroom efficiently. You can also add a roof light above the shower or bath to give a glimpse of the sky without hopefully compromising your privacy. Wait no longer and hop on this trend now.

  • Sumptuous dark colours

The rich and dark walls have long been used in the living rooms and bedrooms, and now it's the bathroom’s turn. Give your bathroom the luxurious look of navy tiles, or you can fit your bathroom with rich blue or green tiles and make it look elegant as it will go perfectly with the modern brass finishing and give a luxurious look.

Bottom line

Trend keeping can be a bit difficult, but you don't need to worry as, above all, the trends of bathroom 2022 have been mentioned clearly. Choose the best one according to your aesthetic and make your bathroom look luxurious and modern without too much effort. So, wait no more and now visit the bathroom furniture sale at the Nationwide Bathrooms online store.

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