Is It Beneficial To Incorporate Stone Flooring In The Bathrooms Of Your Home?

Flooring is one of the most important and leading factors towards having an impressive interior for your bathroom and home decor. But while choosing the ideal bathroom flooring for your home there is more than just the impressive looks of the flooring that you must consider! It is very important to invest in strong and durable flooring in order to ensure that your bathroom not only looks beautiful but it lasts for years! And when we talk about the durability and strength of bathroom flooring, then the first thing that we must consider is investing in stone flooring! Let’s explore why stone flooring is the best for bathrooms:

#1 It Adds Natural Beauty To The Bathroom

There is no way around the fact that natural stone floor tiles bring in an air of refined sophistication and elegance. They will immediately elevate your current bathroom setting and impress anyone who takes a look at it as a result of the natural appearance and textures that they have.

#2 Each Individual Floor Tile Made Of Natural Stone Is Unique And One Of A Kind

Each individual floor tile made of natural stone is one of a kind as in contrast to their synthetic counterparts, each natural stone floor tiles have its own individual characteristics. They will lend a sense of prestige to your overall bathroom decor, which will add a unique touch as a result of the veining and natural colouring that they naturally possess.

#3 They Have An Exceptionally Long Lifespan

Tiles made from natural stone have a very long lifespan as they have taken millions of years of compression to take their shape and attain such a texture. Natural stone floor tiles are the option that is the most sturdy and long-lasting in the market, making them suitable for daily or frequent use. 

Because they are dependable and resistant to being broken in an easy manner, having them is essentially the same as having extra peace of mind for you!

#4 They Don't Harbour Bacteria And Are Simple To Clean

Ceramic floor tiles made of natural stone are a good option when it comes to preventing bacteria. Because of their smooth surface, natural stone floor tiles do not collect dust or pet hair. This is great news for people who suffer from allergies, and it also means that cleaning the tiles is really easy.

You can put away any specialised cleaning products and scrub cleaning the flooring is very simple! In most situations, all that is required is a quick wipe. You can use mild soap solutions or disinfectants if needed.

#5 Choosing To Build Your Bathroom With Natural Stone Is An Environmentally Responsible Option

Natural stone is the most environmentally friendly building material because it is quarried from the earth and, in most cases, processed locally using machinery that uses very little energy. If you are concerned about the environment in the same way that we are, you will be pleased to learn that this material is much more eco-friendly than man-made alternatives such as concrete or cast stone.

#6 An Increase In The Value Of The Property

Natural stone has stood the test of time. Because they are not influenced by fleeting fashions, these tiles will produce a timeless appearance that will, regardless of when you choose to sell your home, invariably result in an increase in its market value. It has been trending, for centuries and it is never going to go out of fashion! So, if you ever plan to sell your house, you can feel assured that your house is going to sell out at great value!

Stone Flooring Recommendations That You Must Consider

There is no doubt in the fact that stone flooring has endless benefits. Now that you know all the reasons why you must consider investing in stone flooring, let’s have a look at some recommendations that you can consider:

#1 Karndean Palio Clic Stone Flooring Tiles

The luxury vinyl flooring offered by the Palio Trade collection from Karndean is not only simple and fast to install, but also looks very natural in appearance and, most importantly, is resistant to water. Palio is not your typical vinyl; it is available in the form of sturdy pre-cut planks and tiles, and it can be installed in one of three different ways: rigid core, loose lay, or glue down. If you are looking for bathroom flooring that looks subtle and elegant then you must consider investing in Karndean Palio Clic Stone Flooring Tiles

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#2 Karndean Palio LooseLay Stone Flooring Tiles

The Karndean Palio LooseLay Stone Flooring Tiles come in light shades of colours which are ideal to give an elegant look to any bathroom! It offers a friction grip backing that makes installation very easy. It can be easily laid on floors with 95% relative humidity. And if you are someone who loves to be in a peaceful environment, the Karndean Palio LooseLay Stone Flooring helps in reducing noise transfer to rooms below by 13dB. So, if you liked this stone flooring then you can get it installed in your bathrooms. Click on the product link to know more about it!

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Wrapping Up

Are you considering giving the look of your home a new look by installing new flooring? Do consider installing flooring made of natural stone in your house. Stone has been a popular choice for flooring material for many centuries. Once stone flooring is installed, it lasts for years as its highly durable. It is not only easy to clean, but it makes the room look bright! In this blog, we have discussed several reasons why you must invest in stone flooring. We have also talked about several stone flooring options that you can consider!

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