How to Pick the Perfect Flooring for Your Bathroom

Picking up the best flooring for bathrooms involves multiple aspects, including the fact that the floor should be slip-proof. Apart from costing and design, there are other things that one should consider while selecting the perfect bathroom flooring. Not just aesthetically, bathroom flooring affects a bathroom's functionality too. 

You may contact your interior designer, finalize a good design, or opt for the one you prefer online. Let's get step-by-step knowledge for the selection of perfect bathroom floorings.  

Criteria for selection of the ideal bathroom flooring

You may need to carefully look at all the characteristics and properties of the best bathroom flooring materials while selecting the one for your bathroom. Be very clear about the properties you wish to look at while purchasing the best flooring for bathrooms, and then choose the one that fits all or most of the criteria mentioned below. 

The floorings that you select should always follow the below criteria:

  • Non-porous
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Comfortable for your feet
  • Select large tiles for easy cleaning of the specific area
  • Use small tiles for areas that require better traction.
  • The tiles should complement the walls of your washroom. 
  • It should look aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.
  • It should have light, bright, and vibrant colors.

If the material you select is the best bathroom flooring in the UK, it will meet all the above requirements and be a good choice. 

Materials that can be used as bathroom tiles

There is a wide range of materials available in the market that can be used to put on your best flooring bathroom. You can select the one that suits your place. You choose the one you like the most as per its color, texture, properties, and budget. The list of some of the best bathroom flooring tiles includes: 

Bathroom Tiles Online UK

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Ceramic tiles are classic as well as give a stylish look to your bathroom. Most people prefer getting ceramic tiles for their bathroom as they resist scratches. There is no need to polish the ceramic tiles. If any of your ceramic tiles breaks or cracks by mistake, you can quickly repair the damaged area as these tiles are easy to install. 

    Ceramic tiles come in varied colors and designs. You can find a wide range of patterns, finishes, and textures for the ceramic tiles. Most washrooms have ceramic tiles as they are cost-effective and have fire-proof properties. The cleaning of these tiles is also an easy task as you need to wipe the floor with water or mop it off with a damp cloth. 

  • Stone tiles
  • Stone tiles are a unique idea for luxury stone flooring in the UK. If you are looking for unique and natural-looking tiles, you should go ahead with the selection of stone tiles. You can get their surface polished if it gets scratched. They are the most durable of all kinds of floorings. The famous stone tiles include slate, travertine, granite marble, etc. 

    Although the beauty and finish of these stone tiles are fantastic, the process of laying them down is a bit costly. 

    Karndean Palio Gluedown Stone Flooring Tiles

    Karndean Palio Gluedown Stone Flooring Tiles

    While maintaining these tiles, you may need to use the proper cleaning and resealing agents every two years. If the designer stone tiles feel slippery, you may go for the natural textured stone tiles such as slate or sandblasted ones. If you are short on budget and are looking for less expensive tiles, go for tiles made of indigenous material such as Kota stone for the flooring of your bathroom. 

  • Porcelain tiles
  • If you have a sufficient budget, you can opt to get porcelain tiles. They give a luxurious touch to your bathroom and are tough. Their durability is why most people prefer porcelain tiles for their bathroom floorings. 

    Porcelain tiles are harder than granite. Hence, there is no chance of cracking or breaking these tiles. Maintaining these tiles is more accessible as the stain cleans off easily and doesn't stay on the surface for too long. It may take time to put and install these tiles, but the result is worth the time and effort. These tiles will look good as new even after years of installation. 

  • Concrete tiles
  • If you don't have much budget or don't wish to spend much on bathroom floorings, you can get concrete tiles for your bathroom. The material is economical and demands periodic cleaning once it is set up. 

    Concrete tiles are resistant to moisture as well as stains. These concrete tiles ensure that your bathroom always remains free from any germs. When compared to other materials available, concrete tiles are sustainable. Concrete tiles also come in high-gloss and stained finish varieties.  

    Best Bathroom Flooring UK


    There is a wide range of all the different types of best flooring for bathrooms available in the market. You can select the one you like as per its look and your budget. Make sure that it matches your vibe as well as enhances the complete look of your bathroom. 

    If you have hired an interior designer, they may suggest the best quality of tile and the suitable design you may purchase and install. Your bathroom tiles should shine, match the color contrast of your walls, and be durable to resist any breakage and cracks. Apart from color and design, ensure that the material has all the good qualities required for perfect bathroom flooring tiles. You can get in touch with experts at Nationwide Bathrooms to get the best bathroom supplies online in United Kingdom.
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