Five Advantages Of Mixer Taps In The Bathroom

It doesn't matter if it's a bath or basin; mixer taps are now widespread compared to separate pillar taps. A mixer tap draws water from cold and hot water supplies and then mixes the flow before it pours out of a spout. There is also the traditional method in which water is drawn through separate hot and cold-water pillar taps, which keeps the water flow separate. There are many benefits of using bathroom mixer taps, and a few of them are listed below.

1. Style

Several people like the sleek and streamlined look of mixer taps. The separate hot and cold taps are considered traditional now, and people mostly go for the mixer taps. There is a wide range of mixer taps styles to choose from. You can check out the Nationwide Bathrooms online store to get some great designs of bathroom mixer taps. 

The handles of mixer taps can also vary from traditional rotating handles to levers that can be lifted and down to control water flow. If you like wall-mounted mixer taps at affordable rates, then check out bathroom mixer taps for sale at the Nationwide Bathrooms online store. You will be amazed by the prices and wide range of options for bathroom accessories on the online store.

2. Versatility 

Mixer taps can be used equally on the bath or bathroom sink and basin. You can also go for mix and match by getting a mixer tap in the bathroom and the traditional separate hot and cold water taps on the basin. Their versatility can be increased by adding a shower mixer to it. This will allow the user to switch between shower and tap.

This can either be hand-held or mounted to make a shower bath, and it is more useful when you don't have much space for a separate bath and shower enclosure. This will help you get things done in a smaller space and still give an elegant look. If you are searching for stylish mixer taps, you can check out the Nationwide Bathrooms online store to get plenty of options for bathroom mixer taps and other bathroom flooring and accessories. 

3. Control

If you choose the two different taps option, you will be limited to only two water flows, either hot or cold. You will have little control over the water temperature, even though you can mix it in the bathtub and adjust it accordingly. With the help of a bathroom mixer tap, you can adjust the water temperature from the tap itself. This makes it easy to control water temperature precisely, and the time you are bathing, showering, shaving, and washing with water just as it emerges. You don't have to mix them manually; use the optimum temperature water from the tap.

4. Convenience 

Convenience is just another factor that makes the mixer taps even better. The additional control makes it much more convenient, especially when bathing. If you have the traditional separate taps option, you know that you need to run both the hot and cold water taps simultaneously or anything like that until you get the perfect water temperature. It is challenging to get the correct temperature, and if you have used them, you know that you have to stand guard and keep checking them back and forth.

Some people first fill in hot water and then cold water, but this is also very tedious and may result in a scalding bath expensive, which is particularly dangerous for kids. Getting the mixer taps won't be an issue, and you can keep the mixer tap on the optimum temperature and let it run itself. Take care not to overfill your bathtub as you want to avoid flooding your bathroom.

5. Economy

The mixer taps are economically significant because these are generally fitted with a limited flow of water, which ultimately helps prevent too much water from being taken up for hot and cold pipes. Practically it will reduce the consumption of hot water when mixing in a single flow, which will positively impact the environment and your energy bill. 

Can you take two separate taps to a mixer tap?

If you have a bath or basin with two separate taps, basin pillars, and bath pillars, switch them to mixer taps. So, can you modify them to a single mixer tap? Yes, you can. You will need to check the existing pressure, so seek expert advice before getting started with the process. 

Shop for mixer taps

If you are looking for a great range of bathroom accessories and bathroom mixer taps uk, here ends your wait. Get to the Nationwide Bathrooms online store and shop from the wide range of bathroom flooring, mixer taps, basin, handles, and other accessories to make your bathroom look lavish. There are bathroom mixer taps for sale in Nationwide Bathrooms stores. So, shop now at affordable rates. 

Bottom line

Mixer taps have been used today because of their several benefits. These are economically beneficial and convenient, give ease of control, and are stylish and versatile. These can be bought in a wide range of choices, from mono mixer taps to waterfall bathroom mixer taps uk

You can find all these from the Nationwide Bathrooms online store sales at affordable rates without compromising the quality. They will give a luxurious look to your bathroom and simultaneously make it more convenient. So wait no longer and visit their online store today itself.

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