Considerations To Make When Selecting The Floor For Your Bathroom

While constructing a bathroom, we often consider several factors like the colours, size of the bathtub, quality of the sink and much more. But we end up taking the bathroom flooring lightly as we assume that the floor is the last thing one notices in the bathroom! The fact is that having the right flooring can completely transform the look of your bathroom. And it's not only about the looks, having the right bathroom flooring helps in preventing unwanted leakages, dampness and other such problems. So, now that you know why it is important to invest in good quality flooring, it is important that you consider several factors related to bathroom tiles that we have discussed in this blog.

Before you make a final decision on the floor of your bathroom, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

#1 Go For Anti-Slip Flooring

One is free to try out a variety of flooring materials in different rooms of the house. However, when it comes to the bathroom, one essential point to keep in mind is that the flooring should predominately be non-slip. This is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. Because of this, we will be able to avoid any accidents, which are unfortunately common in this area.

But aren't anti-skid tiles a little dull? To put it simply, no longer. The technology available today has made it possible to create a wide variety of colourful and eye-catching tile designs, in so many colours and patterns in the anti-skid range. The development of digital printing of tiles has made it possible to choose from a wide variety of patterns and styles when designing the tiles that will make up the floor of your bathroom.

#2 Pay Attention To The Coverage Area

The bathroom is one of the two rooms in the house, along with the kitchen, where tiles are used even on the walls of the room. So, the most important thing to do here is to calculate the total surface area that needs to be tiled. For instance, water percolation and leakage are problems that can occur in some residential properties. In homes like these, cladding the walls with tiles will assist the homeowner in protecting the walls from the wear and tear that can result from prolonged contact with water.

#3 Go For Tiles That Require Low Maintenance, Low Porosity, And High Durability

Our bathrooms are frequently subjected to different levels of humidity, water, and temperature shifts. As a result, the tiles in this area might become damaged very quickly. It is preferable to use tiles with low porosity and a low water absorption rate in order to avoid situations in which you will frequently need to change the tiles. This will keep the surface clear and reduce the risk of bacteria and algae forming on the surface. Tiles need to be low maintenance and extremely durable in order for them to have a longer lifespan without requiring a significant increase in maintenance costs.

#4 Consider The Size Of The Tiles

Tiles ranging from medium to large in size are recommended for use in bathroom design. This is primarily due to the fact that small tiles allow space for an increased number of joints and grout lines, both of which contribute to the accumulation of dirt in the tile line. Additionally, larger tiles create the illusion of more space, which is essential in contemporary homes because bathrooms are typically more compact.

#5 Choose The Right Adhesive

Placing the tiles correctly on the floor is one of the most important steps while installing a bathroom floor. This helps in having an even surface and preventing water from seeping into the ground.

Here are a few adhesive recommendations that you must consider while getting tiles fixed to the ground:

#1 Karndean Palio Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a dispersion adhesive that was developed specifically for bonding PVC floor coverings to prepared subfloors. The adhesive is pressure sensitive.

The luxury vinyl flooring offered by the Palio Trade collection from Karndean is not only simple and fast to install, but also remarkably natural in appearance and, it is waterproof as well. Palio is not your typical vinyl; it is available in the form of sturdy pre-cut planks and tiles, and it can be installed in one of three different ways: rigid core, loose lay, or glue down. You can pick up the one that suits your bathroom flooring.

Visit the Product - Karndean Palio Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

#2 Karndean Palio Universal Adhesive


Karndean Palio Universal Adhesive is a resin-free adhesive. It comes with several qualities such as it is fibre-reinforced, and can sustain high-temperature dispersion. It is not only used for spreading bathroom tiles, but you can use it for any flooring. It gives a very good bonding on the ground. And since it is waterproof, it will last for years without any seepage problems. Consider it to be a long-term solution and a permanent fix for your bathroom tiles!

For more such amazing adhesive recommendations feel free to scroll through our website and explore our collection of adhesives. You can also explore the collection of bathroom tiles and flooring accessories supplies we offer!

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Wrapping Up

Investing in tiles for a bathroom is a big decision as you can’t change them every now and then. In order to make your tiles last for years to come, it is important that you invest in the right tiles. In this blog, we have talked about several considerations that you must keep a check on while looking for bathroom tiles. Do check out our exclusive range of bathroom floor accessories as we offer highly-durable bathroom tiles that not only look great, but they will stand out in all seasons and last for years! Scroll through our website and make your purchase right away!
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