Combine The Benefits Of A Shower And A Bath With These Clever Ideas

Are you building a new bathroom or renovating it? Are you not able to decide whether to have a shower or bath in your bathroom? It's not a problem anymore. It doesn't matter if you don't have enough space in your bathroom to take a bath or shower; you don't need to miss out on any of these.

Recently, shower over bath has been popular because it benefits both and takes much less space. As a result of reading this article, you will know everything you require to opt for the best combination. 

Shower bath

You must have seen this many times and heard of it before, but now what exactly is it? Here, you will understand what exactly is shower bath. You can also get to Nationwide Bathrooms to check out their shower baths for sale.

When to go for a shower over a bath?

One of the best demonstrations of multipurpose design is the shower bath design. It is a good design that will save a lot of space in your bathroom. The whole family rarely agrees on a single decision. Having a shower and a bath provides you with the benefits of both: a long relaxing bath or a fast rinse, depending on you.

Don’t think of a shower bath as a compromise. They are just a beautiful way to the organization of bathroom. If you are interested in this, you can read further and get a better idea. If you are looking for shower baths for sale, you can check the online Nationwide Bathrooms sale. 

How can you incorporate a shower bath in the best way?

You can install a shower above approximately any bath type. The different shower baths uk are L, P, and freestanding baths. Let’s get into each type of these shower bath.

P shaped bath

The name P-shaped bath is given because of the round section at each end of the bath. Also, an outward expansion provides more space for the shower. With a P-shaped bath, you get more space as the shower is mounted over the bulging P section. It takes care that the control is on this side too. 

Modern P shape shower bath

In simple words, you can imagine it as a shower mounted over a bath. You can stand in the bath and shower simultaneously, and a curtain or screen is used to prevent water from spilling out. You can add a shower to the bath water, but shower baths are primarily designed to be installed as a single unit. 

L shaped baths

Here's a fantastic contemporary twist for the modern shower bath uk. In this, the lines are more angular, with a section for showering that is squarer than curved, and they can be called square shower baths. The L-shaped bathroom is more similar to the P-shaped one. Both are comfortable.


Here's an excellent option for an original traditional aesthetic. With these standing shower baths, you must take more precautions with them as they usually don’t have surrounding walls to catch on the water coming from the shower. These provide a better traditional look to the bathroom, and you can also enjoy the shower bath experience.

How to stop water from splashing everywhere in the bathroom?

You can use old-fashioned shower curtains. This will help keep the water off the floor, but several bathrooms still opt for glass screens. If you opt for the shower curtain, choose the rail to open up the shower space.

If you are thinking of a screen, your favorite choice is with a hinge. This can avoid splashback when they are closed. This is a good option for the bathroom, where there is not much space aside from the bath for a complete glass panel to swing at a right angle. 

Some other ideas to upgrade the shower bath

If you are concerned about the smooth and slippery bottom of your bathroom floor and that it may not be much safer to bathe there, then you can use a sticky mat to prevent slippery floors. Some shower baths come with textured floors to prevent slippery floors.

Bottom line

The shower bath is not a new design fixture, but it still gives a level of flexibility, which is why it is worthy of this consideration. The most common options you may get in the shower bath are L-shaped, P shaped, and freestanding, but you are not restricted to these options. There are several options for choosing the correct one for your bathroom, like the square shower baths

Following your understanding of the advantages of a combined shower and bath, you can choose and assess the available options and select the most suitable one. You can also visit the Nationwide Bathrooms online store, where you can find the best options for your bathroom from the shower baths for sale. So, wait no longer and make your bathroom a luxurious space with more space and purposefulness.
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