Bathroom Taps: Affordably Stylish and Essential Bathroom Hardware

Most of us usually spend 20-40 minutes in the bathroom and sometimes even more, so it is important to create that space that looks great and stylish the way we need it to. The essential thing in a bathroom is a tap, so if you want to create a luxurious and modern bathroom, your first decision would be tap selection. 

In today's era, most of us don't want functional space. Instead, we usually demand stylish, beautiful rooms that will look indulgent. But when we talk about our bathroom taps, we often stress over design or functionality. While using the most advanced technology available, Nationwide Bathrooms commits to styling, which is reflected across all of their tap ranges. They meet the highest quality standard. They have the best variety of bathroom taps in UK.

How to choose the right tap?

Bathroom Taps UK

So, the first thing to consider when shopping for taps is the level of water pressure available in your home. Most taps are designed for certain pressure levels and will not work correctly if their pressure is insufficient. For saving time and money, make sure you get a plumber to confirm that the water pressure of your bathroom is stable before you start your search.

There are many different types of taps which are available in the market and for the best range of taps, make sure you consider what type of handle will suit you. For the best selection of taps, you should go for the modern lever style because the more modern the style will be, the easier and more suitable it will be.

Types of taps 

There are different types of taps available in the market, but some common types of taps are mentioned below. Although these taps are also sub-categorized, and the first category of taps is:

  • Bath and basin taps

So, the most common taps are bath and basin taps, which should be given attention. Nowadays, these taps are available in different styles. These new designs will completely transform your bathroom as these new designs have the power to make your bathroom look stylish.

These taps are also sub-categorized, so the first category of bath and basin taps are:

1. Mixer taps:

Roca atlas bidet mixer tap

These Roca atlas bidet mixer tap have gained massive popularity in the past few years as they allow the perfect water temperature in just one flow. These taps have a hole basin and are a perfect option for bathrooms that are short in space.

2. Wall-mounted basin taps:

Wall-mounted basin taps

Wall-mounted basin taps are contactless with the basin and add a modern and contemporary look to your bathroom. As for bathroom taps in the UK, shoppers are spoilt for choices. Various designs available will suit your space and can transform the entire look of your bathroom.

3. Pillar taps:

Vado victoriana bath pillar taps

Vado victoriana bath pillar taps are one for hot water and one for cold water, and are very popular in traditional style bathrooms. These designs have been popular since ancient times and will never get out of fashion. Most people prefer using pillar taps over mixers because these taps provide direct water temperature control.

4. Heritage bathroom taps:

heritage bathroom taps

These heritage bathroom taps offer a traditional look to your bathroom. Those looking for a traditional design can go for heritage bathroom taps. These taps get easily merged even with the most modern bathroom designs.

5. Vado taps:

vado taps in united kingdom

These Vado taps are available in different styles, and they also offer an elegant style to your bathroom as these vado taps in united kingdom come in different variants such as Astra bath pillar taps, Irlo bath pillar taps, Vecta bath pillar taps, etc. They can help in transforming your bathroom look into an elegant one in no time.

6. Bath and Shower mixer taps

Sagittarius ergo bath and shower mixing tap

The Sagittarius ergo bath and shower mixing tap is an excellent choice of bathroom accessory for those who want the best of both worlds. Having a shower just above your bath is a significant space-saving and effective way of doing both things simultaneously, e.g., washing your hair and having a bath simultaneously.

A showerhead on the top of the mixer tap will give your bathroom a traditional look. Those who prefer having a more contemporary style can hang their showerhead on a wall bracket for a hands-free showering experience. For the luxury tap-in experience, you can check out the fantastic range of Nationwide Bathrooms bath and shower mixer taps that will help create a new wow factor in your space.

7. Bidet mixer taps

Sagittarius Zone Mono Bidet Mixer Tap

Sagittarius Zone Mono Bidet Mixer Tap are a mixture of hot and cold feed that will allow you to have the perfect water temperature before showering. These taps can help you in achieving a modern bathroom look.

8. Kitchen taps

Harrington Bathrooms Square Kitchen Tap

These Harrington Bathrooms Square Kitchen Tap offer a classic styling to your kitchen environment. The kitchen is also a water dispensing room that can completely transform your kitchen. Having a luxury design will offer your kitchen a more elegant look.

9. Cloakroom taps

Sagittarius Prestige Cloakroom Basin Mixer Tap

Sagittarius Prestige Cloakroom Basin Mixer Tap are mixer taps designed to save space in small areas and ensure that they remain fully functional and useable. These taps are usually smaller and do not have the same projection as regular basin taps.

Bottom line 

So, if you are considering modifying your bathroom and looking for the best tap collection with the most appropriate style, then you must visit the Nationwide Bathrooms site as they are confident about the tap type and style, so it can be easier for you to decide that what accessory can help in transforming your bathroom

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