5 Budget-friendly Bath Panels for Unique Spaces

On the chase for some exciting and fresh bath panels? Well, honestly, bath panels don't need to be the terrible acrylic things that cut down the entirety of your space, you can DIY some truly smart-looking shower bath panels, to create a fascinating bathroom.


Bath panels are a fundamental piece of any restroom suite; they provide a neat completion to your washroom by covering any excess pipework which would demolish the design of your washroom, while likewise ensuring indispensable installations and trimmings. With many styles that are easily accessible now, picking the right shower boards for your restroom has never been simpler. 

In this article, we have a liberal scope of shower board thoughts for you to look over which you can see on the web. Follow the below convenient manual for assistance with choosing the ideal bath panels to supplement your washroom suite. 

Bath Panels – What To consider?

There are a couple of contemplations that you should remember while picking a bath panel for your shower. Regardless of whether you're set on a specific style or have no clue by any means, the data below will be of help.

  • Size

A vital component in picking your new bath panel is ensuring you get the right size for your shower, so ensuring your estimations are precise is crucial. Bath panels make a flawless completion for your shower so you need to guarantee you accomplish this completion – you will be satisfied to know a significant number of our showers accompany the recommended boards to take care of you! 

Contingent upon your restroom set up, you may likewise have to choose if you wanted aboard for the finish of the shower or both the side and end board. 

  • Style 

There are different styles of bath panels in the market today, from replacement bath panels, acrylic bath panels, or a shower panel in the design of a jacuzzi - the look you need to accomplish in your washroom will rely upon whether you pick customary wooden panels or settle upon a cutting-edge acrylic one. 

The wooden boards are accessible in various shades to best match any washroom furniture you might have, while the plastic renditions will assist you with making a consistent vibe to your cutting-edge space. There are also colored bath panels accessible to light up your restroom. 


  •  The Extra’s

Many bath panels accompany the present-day components, for example, a simple, sober, and fit choice, making the establishment much simpler and measurements accurate. It may surprise you to learn that and some shower boards have the choice of capacity access, permitting you to use the vacant space under your shower. 

5 Bath Panels For Unique Spaces

Picking the right kind of bath panels UK can permit you to refresh the appearance of any washroom without any pressure and cost of supplanting the whole restroom suite – we can assist you with picking the ideal bath panel and help you create a fantasy look.

  • Harrington Bathrooms Bath Panel 

Add a rich yet sober little detail to your washroom with the Harrington Bathrooms bath panels UK. This will motivate and give the viewers an eye-catching look which will make you an exceptional designer of your washroom and can likewise be a financially savvy method of reviving your existing washroom space. The bath panel has fully encapsulated baseboards and tough safety glass bath screens. The product has been designed using the finest quality lucite acrylic. 

  • Carron Quantum Single-ended Bath Panels

A bath panel is added around the exterior of your shower to conceal the plumbing. 

Keep your washroom looking spotless with the Carron quantum bath panels. Adding bath panels to showers is one of the key components while designing a modern washroom or modernizing the existing one.

There are two kinds of bath panels available, the end bath panels and the side bath panels. Both are used exclusively for their functions, one at the end, the other at the side. Make sure to design and plan out well before you purchase.

  •  Hudson Reed Old London Bath Panels

Another DIY panel design can be accomplished with the Hudson bath panels. The panel is designed with an ideal equilibrium of high-quality material, which could be by and large the thing you're searching for. A genuine reward of choosing shower boards rather than tiles is that they can be set up and used within only 24 hours. There's no sticking around for grouting to be applied and afterward dried before you can bounce into the shower - especially significant on the off chance that you just have one washroom. 


  •  Jacuzzi Energy Whirlpool Bath

If you are on the hunt for some innovative product that can change your washroom style within one glance, the Whirlpool bath panel for sale is the answer. The bath panels have several styles to pick from, designed by the leading designers to give your washroom an ecstatic look. The panel is eco-friendly, designed using sustainable and certified materials.

  •  Heritage Caversham Fitted Bath Panel

The Heritage bath panel is an ideal completion for your acrylic shower to coordinate with the rest of the accessories fitted in your washroom. Accessible in a scope of sizes and in a selection of colors to coordinate with your furniture range. Try not to be mixed up in reasoning that the look you can accomplish with bath panels is restricted to a few brochures, there’s much more to accomplish. Bath panels have come a long, long way, in creating and designing fresh styles for your homes.

To Conclude

Each progression in the inventory network is monitored, furnishing you with the certainty and affirmation that you are buying a reasonably sourced item and one that is dependent upon rigid quality control. Bath panels like the above are likewise upheld by guarantees. Moreover, they are 100% recyclable. At Nationwide bathrooms, your expectations meet reality. From shower screens, bidets, toilet seats to every other bathroom fitting - all your requirements are met here. So, whether your taste is for a metropolitan style, modern complexity such as a shower replacement bath panel, or you are searching for something tremendously comfortable, you can plan your vision from the listed products and live with elegance. 

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