3 Chronological Steps to Purchasing Bathroom Taps

One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to bathroom counters is the type of taps you choose. There are a variety of taps that can be used in a bathroom, but not all are compatible with each bathroom. It's important to figure out which type of tap is best for your needs before purchasing any, as each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, lets’s explore more about how the steps involved in purchasing bathroom taps in the UK. If you are considering to buy one then have a look the following steps:

#1 Take the dimensions of your bathroom into consideration

Customers typically already have an idea of what tap sizes they want to purchase before even considering perusing our selection of tapware. They base their estimates of the sizes of the taps on the dimensions of the bathrooms in their homes. This may appear to be quite clear to you, but I feel obligated to warn you against something. Always start by assessing the size of your bathroom, and then choose taps that are proportionately sized to avoid giving the impression that they do not belong in the space.

#2 Take into consideration the operational aspects of the faucet

The operation of the taps is the next consideration for our customers once they have chosen the appropriate size. I've noticed that the decisions that consumers make can be fairly variable. Some choose for higher taps that can be fitted over insets, while others purchase wall-mounted taps that can be installed above counter basins. Customers that have freestanding bathtubs typically search for faucets that have a longer sprout. Because our selection of tapware encompasses a wide variety of options, such as basin taps, shower taps, high rise taps, mixer taps, handheld taps, wall assemblies, and many more, you have access to quite a few different possibilities. When shopping for a sink, keep in mind that you need to think about not only what you will use the sink for, but also where the water will flow out of the sink.

#3 Opt for a design that works well with the layout of your bathroom

When it comes to looking for beauty and design in bathroom taps, many of our clients wait until after they have considered the dimensions, functionality, and water pressure of taps before turning their attention to aesthetics. You should do the same. When shopping for bathroom faucets, you should always put the design at the very bottom of your list of priorities. When it comes to fashion, on the other hand, you surely have a wide variety of choices to select from. In  our website, you will find a broad selection of bathroom taps. You have the option of matching designs, such as the square shower mixer with the square shower head and the square basin mixer. Alternatively, you can choose to match designs such as the cube shower mixer with the cube basin mixer, etc. Explore all of your options, because we provide a huge variety of designs for you to pick from.

Recommendations For Bathroom Taps

Now that you know how to select the perfect tap for your bathroom, here is a list of recommendations that you can consider while shopping:

#1 Silverdale Victorian Cloakroom Basin Pillar Taps

Silverdale Victorian Cloakroom Basin Pillar Taps


The Silverdale Victorian Cloakroom Basin Pillar Taps set is a beautiful way to spruce up a traditional bathroom setting. With their delicate curves and soft, gentler colors, these taps give your space a refreshed and updated look. The set comes with two taps each, so you can have the perfect fit for your individual needs. Their simple design makes them suitable for most of the bathrooms. Plus, they are made of high-quality material so you can trust that they will last for years. 

#2 Burlington Arcade Crosshead Handle

Burlington Arcade Crosshead Handle


Introducing the Burlington Arcade Crosshead Handle. This unique handle is perfect for adding a fresh and unique look to your bathroom. With its cost effective design, this handle can be installed in minutes and will give your bathroom a more polished appearance. In addition to its piercing design, the Burlington Arcade Crosshead Handle is also sturdy and durable - perfect for use in high-traffic areas.

#3 Burlington Chelsea extend the height 180mm Kit

Burlington Chelsea extend the height 180mm Kit


Introducing Burlington Chelsea, the Extend the Height 180mmKit. Similar to vado bathroom taps, this cost-effective addition to your bathroom can add a unique and refreshing look to your space. Not only does this heritage bathroom tap offer an impressive height of 180mm, but it also includes a range of fun and stylish features that will make you smile every time you use it. Whether you're looking for a fresh and vibrant edge to your space or simply want to spruce things up a little, Burlington Chelsea is sure to appeal.

Wrapping Up

The process of purchasing taps for your bathroom may appear to be simple; but, because taps are the single most significant component of your bathroom, you need to give this decision a lot of careful thought. You will need to proceed through each of the following three sequential steps in order to successfully purchase a tap. When selecting taps for your bathroom, the first thing you need to do is think about how big your bathroom is. After that, you ought to think about the features of the faucets that you require. Last but not least, you should select a style of faucet that coordinates well with the overall design of your bathroom. In this blog, we have not only talked about the steps involved in selecting an ideal tap for your bathroom, but we have also discussed several recommendations that you can consider. If you are looking for bathroom supplies online and more options, do visit our website!
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