10 Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet Seat

The toilet is a part of everyday life, and buying one that you will be happy seeing and sitting on each day is essential. Fortunately, today's bath market is full of various bathroom accessories, offering something unique to everyone. One must find the type of toilet seat that suits your needs.

Moreover, there are different models for this type of plumbing on the market. Although, it differs in size, design, material, construction, other characteristics, and more. Residential toilets have evolved a lot and have come a long way till now.

So, if you are looking for a toilet seat, then Nationwide Bathrooms is here to provide the type of toilet you need. Not sure where to begin for the bathroom? Let us walk you down through the basics of buying a toilet.

  1. Dimensions

If your bathroom is small and you still want to use every available space effectively, then adjusting the toilet size is critical. So, select the toilet seat for sale that goes well with your bathroom size. If you choose a giant toilet for a small bathroom, you will face the space problem.

Apart from this, you also have to see the height of the toilet. Mostly, the standard measurement of the toilet is 14 inches from the floor. This size is perfect as it is suitable for children, middle-aged people, and older adults with health problems who might face little difficulty. The toilet seat UK can be up to 18 inches high.

  1. Material

Now, along with the proper size, the material of the toilet also plays a significant role. There are various materials available for the toilet seat. Today, most of the seats come with a cushion,wooden, Laufen, Burlington, polypropylene, and more. Among all the seats, the Laufen toilet seat suits best as it is interchangeable.

It is resistant to stains, cracks, scratches, and chips. These seats are a bit expensive as they have increased durability and the reinforcing elements. Some of the other materials are cheaper.

  1. Padded seat

A soft padded toilet seat is more comfortable for old-aged people, children, and people recovering from surgery or childbirth. But if you have to transfer the toilet seat daily, then a firmer seat is more suitable. Many prefer a padded seat over a better seat as it is more comfortable and warmer.  

  1. Durability

Wooden toilet seats tend to last longer than any plastic seats. One of the best ways to see how durable the seat is to skim the customers' reviews. Through that, you may get an idea about which seat is more durable.

There are plenty of other options available online which are more durable and long-lasting than you have ever imagined—if you have moisture in your environment, then going for something different than a wooden seat will be best.  

  1. Mounting

According to the toilet mounting, you can decide the toilet seat UK, as it is distinguished into three main groups.

  • Wall Mounted

This type of model does not contain any base. They are mounted directly into the wall helping your small bathroom to save more space. It gives a finishing and stylish look to your reconstructed bathroom.

  • Floor standing

Floor standing is the traditional and common solution where the toilet is attached to the floor. It is suitable for houses and apartments with sufficient bathroom areas.  

  • Back to wall toilet

It is a golden mean between the traditional and wall-mounted toilets. The toilet is attached to the floor, and the flush tank is mounted on the wall.

  1. The shape of the toilet seat

The shape of the seat depends upon the kind of toilet you select. There are two types of shapes available, mainly spherical and elongated. The spherical-shaped seat takes up little space, making it perfect for a small bathroom. In comparison, an elongated bowl has maximum style, area, and comfort.

Among all, the Burlington toilet seat adds a significant look to your bathroom. So, if you are thinking of buying a toilet seat online, Nationwide Bathroom has the perfect choices for you.  

  1. Water Efficiency

Several modifications in the toilet design also have to do with powerful water-saving internal flushing mechanisms. As per the technological enhancements, the manufacturers regularly design improved flush systems for saving as much water as you can.

The standard toilet may consume 1.6 gallons of water, while the modern one takes 1.2 gallons. This decrease shows a reduction in wastage of water and increased efficiency. Select the toilet seat that is easy to clean and does not require more water.

  1. Compatibility

If you are looking to replace the toilet seat, compatibility is the first thing you need to consider before purchasing it. The seat will be easily compatible if you go according to the shape of the toilet you have. Some of the extra feature compatibility requires the right kind of water hoop for deep cleansing.

  1. Noise

Noise is not the exact thing to look at while buying the toilet seat, but you need to think about it because the sound is very annoying when you shut the seat after use. This sudden seat bang can be a real problem. So, look for the toilet seat with a soft close feature or padding that keeps the sound off.

Soft-close does not make much sound, and the padded seat makes the sound less due to the cushion whenever the lid comes down.  

  1. Ease of Installation

As there is a wide variety of toilet seats available, most of them are easy to install. This easy installation is valid as all it takes is a few bolts and little elbow grease. Furthermore, if you want to attach the seat with extra features or attachments, it becomes pretty hard to install the seat. Select the seat you like and go accordingly.

Thus, the toilet seat may not play a huge role, but it may help to give you pleasant time you spend in the bathroom. Take your time and consider one that is perfect for you from Nationwide Bathrooms.





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